How To Heal The Emotions With Aromatherapy

by Jayne Heath on Oct 23, 2022

How To Heal The Emotions With Aromatherapy

Many of us don't realize how powerful aromatherapy can be — maybe we've seen the advertisements of oils listed as top-recommended products to uplift our moods, or reduce stress. Aromatherapy helps us tap into our sense of smell and heighten our surroundings. And, of course, perfume cosmetics for sensitive skin and better health is a consideration for how aromatherapy can factor in to our daily stressful lives. So why not use it to relax and create a safe space for de-stressing? This blog will provide you with information about how aromatherapy perfume oils can help!

Scent and the Power of Aromatherapy

Fragrance captures the attention. The sweet smell of flowers, the scent of a warm spiced candle, the appealing fragrance of pumpkin pie cooking in the oven can immediately affect our mood. Just the word “aromatherapy” makes us think about beautiful aspects of our lives that make life rich.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is based on the ancient art of using essential oils to promote health and well-being. It has been used for over 5,000 years and has been proven in many studies to help with symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression, and pain management.

Research on Aromatherapy and Emotional Health

We all have different ways of coping with stress, but one of the best is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can help us to deal with psychological issues, from anxiety to poor memory. The fact that something as natural and noninvasive can affect our lives positively is nothing short of amazing. Medical researchers have conducted numerous studies on the benefits of aromatherapy and how fragrance can affect mood. How does this work? Your ability to smell comes from specialized sensory cells, called olfactory sensory neurons, which are found in a small patch of tissue high inside the nose. From there, the information received is sent to specific areas of the brain that influence memory and feeling. Researchers have found that fragrance can improve relationships and communication among people. Pleasant fragrances can enliven our mood, cause us to engage with our surroundings in a positive way, and help with conditions such as insomnia by creating a peaceful space for sleep. Research continues into the field of aromatherapy with promise held for other conditions to improve or alleviate with the help of fragrance.

Using Aromatherapy: Techniques for Best Use

As strange as it may seem, aromatherapy is easy to use and cost-effective. The simplest way to determine the most beneficial fragrance for you is to determine which scents you find the most appealing. Most people find scents such as those associated with food to boost self-confidence and happiness while many people find comfort in floral scents, such as rose and lavender. These fragrances can be purchased easily and put into a diffuser to scent the room or even by putting a couple of drops into a spray bottle and spritzing the scent into the air. Another great way to use fragrance is by putting a drop of essential oil on a lightbulb and letting the heat of the bulb incite the fragrance to fill the air. There are many benefits of using fragrance—it can help boost moods and reduce stress levels while also acting as an effective air freshener. Lastly, placing a couple of drops of fragrance oil into a carrier oil like sweet almond oil can make a beautiful massage oil to help with relaxation.

Aromatherapy for Yoga and Meditation

Aromatherapy is a great way to support any meditation or yoga practice. Scent can help you focus and keep you on task. If you're looking for ways to improve your meditation or yoga practice, consider adding scents that support your efforts. Aromatherapy oils such as patchouli and neroli can help you stay focused and calm during your meditation or yoga sessions.

Aromatherapy At A Glance

If you're looking for a way to improve your memory, or just want to make yourself more alert and focused, consider using scents that can help. There are many specific scents that can help with memory, such as bay laurel, jasmine, lavender, lemon, and rosemary. And to treat stress and insomnia, bergamot, chamomile, orange, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and rose are considered comforting and calming scents. The possibilities are endless and there are many resources online that can help you with your fragrance choice.


There are many feature of the benefits of perfume oils for your skin, mood, and stress management. Whether you are a lover of beauty and health products or need a little help relieving stress, you will be delighted with this discovery. Take some time to browse the different versions of aromatherapy perfume oils, and decide which one is right for you!




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