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Coastal Sun Eye Shadow

  • Coastal Sun Eye Shadow

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Maize Yellow

.07 oz (2 grams)

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Particularly suitable for the lid and under the brow bone, this color looks beautiful on warmer complexions. This highly-concentrated eyeshadow can be used wet or dry.
Kaolinite; Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77492)
To use as a dry shadow: Dip an eye shadow brush into the product, and apply a small amount of the shadow onto your brush. Tap off the excess back into the container and apply onto the eyelid area with eye closed blending around the eyelid area. Add more eye shadow to darken, if desired. Also, blending with a dark and light color, the lighter toward the eyebrow, the darker on the lid can give the eye shadow a more diverse look.

To use as a dry eyeliner: Dip an angled eye liner brush into the shadow and bring the color underneath the lid.

To use as a wet eyeliner: Dampen a detailed liner brush slightly before dipping into the powder and line the eyes, as desired. Do not mix water directly into your product, since you may wish to use your product dry.

To open the product: Remove the mylar seal that is placed over the perforated holes in the clear plastic sifter lid of the product. Using a tweezers, if needed, slip the edge of the tweezers under the tape and pull the seal away exposing the holes.

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