Biodegradable cosmetic sharpener made from sustainable materials, featuring a sleek design and eco-friendly attributes
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Single Hole Eco Cosmetic Sharpener

$5.00 USD

Size (LWH): .55 x .98 x .39 inches (14mm x 25mm x 10mm)

Introducing our Single Hole Eco Cosmetic Sharpener, designed for precise sharpening of cosmetic pencils while embodying our commitment to sustainability. With its compact design and durable construction, it ensures effortless sharpening and reduced waste for eco-conscious beauty routines.


  • Biodegradable: Constructed from biodegradable materials for an eco-friendly sharpening experience
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for sharpening our lip crayons, eye crayons, and brow pencils with precision

Additional Features:

  • Comes with a cleaning stick for easy maintenance, ensuring the sharpener stays in pristine condition
  • Crafted with the finest materials to provide the same high quality as non-sustainable alternatives
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