Lunar Tide Perfume for a vibrant and tropical scent
Close-up of fresh whole limes
Close-up of fresh tangerines whole and with slices
Close up of freshly washed mango with cut up slices on hemp cloth background
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Lunar Tide Tangerine-Mango & Lime Perfume

$25.00 USD
.5 fl oz (14.78 ml)
Lunar Tide Tangerine-Mango & Lime Perfume is a refreshing lime fragrance with hints of tangerine and mango. Rich, fruity top notes and seamless citrus undertones support the invigorating qualities of this scent, creating an immersive aromatic experience to add to your life! Perfume comes packaged in an attractive organza bag.
Phthalate-free, premium-grade Lime and Tangerine-Mango Fragrance Oil
To Use
Apply to pulse points. Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.

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