Warm & spicy Bay Rum Perfume
Bowl of dried cloves representing warm spice bay rum perfume ingredient
Oranges and orange blooms as pure ingredient Bay Rum perfume on wooden table
Patchouli leaves representing ingredient in warm spice Bay Rum fragrance
Caribbean Cove Bay Rum Perfume
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Caribbean Cove Bay Rum Perfume

$25.00 USD
.5 fl oz (14.78 ml)
When we created this perfume, we wanted something like no other. Caribbean Cove Bay Rum Perfume has bold, spicy bay rum undertones and a warm scent profile that's unforgettable. It is a beautiful admixture of clove, orange, patchouli, and vanilla. Packaged in a colorful organza bag for gifting options.
Phthalate-free, premium-grade Bay Rum Fragrance Oil
To Use
Apply to pulse points. Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.