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Refreshing Mist Base Concealer

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Choose from .14 oz (4 grams) or .35 oz (10 grams)

Extra coverage for porcelain skin tones

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Refreshing Mist Base Concealer is a natural concealer base targeted for porcelain skin tones. This concealer is comprised of natural white cosmetic clay and Fuller's Earth clay which provide coverage. This concealer is an ideal choice for oily skin because its natural agents absorb excess oil from the skin without overdrying. For extra concealer coverage, use with Refreshing Mist Concealer or Ultra Light Mineral Concealer. To cover blemishes and capillaries, use with our Blemish and Capillary Concealer for best results.
Fuller's Earth clay; Kaolinite

To use: Apply the product with a concealer brush blending in well and evenly where areas of coverage are needed.

To open the product: Remove the mylar seal that is placed over the perforated holes in the clear plastic sifter lid of the product. Using a tweezers, if needed, slip the edge of the tweezers under the tape and pull the seal away exposing the holes.

Customer Reviews

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Really Like--- Review by Barb-

I really like the base concealer and found that I needed it for extra coverage. The product is easy to apply with a brush. I use it on my neck as well.

(Posted on 3/6/2013)

Intriguing Product--- Review by Sara-

This product is really good as a base for the foundation I have found. It creates a nice even tone and then I put on my foundation. I agree that it does not cover dark circles, but I have found that my eyes look better instantly when I put it on.

(Posted on 2/10/2013)

Not enough to cover dark circles--- Review by Romina-

It can be worn alone but it's not enough to cover my dark circles.

(Posted on 1/10/2013)

Best Base Ever--- Review by Alta-

This is the best eye shadow base I've ever used. Great for highlighting your eyes even if you don't wear shadow. No creases or lines, even on us older gals. Never makes my skin feel dry or tight. I love it.

(Posted on 12/16/2012)

4 Item(s)

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