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Free USPS domestic shipping on orders over $100
Free USPS domestic shipping on orders over $100

Eco-Friendly Pledge

As part of our commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment, we:

  • Use iron oxides with no appreciable bioconcentration expected in the environment
  • Use iron oxides that are not expected to be mobile in soil as they are soluble in water
  • Use biodegradable cornstarch shipping peanuts, which are biodegradable in water, soil, and in compost, and leave no toxic waste behind 
  • Use PVC-free, acid-free, and recycled paper 
  • Recycle packaging peanuts that have been sent to us to keep the cycle of reuse going 
  • Use boxes which are eco-friendly made of recycled material 
  • Use PVC-free, phthalate-free, aluminum free, food grade tins, and Bisphenol-A free containers to package our products 
  • Use fully recyclable cosmetic containers and polypropylene, PVC-free bags 
  • Use cleaning agents which are plant-based and biodegradable
  • Limit the amount of cosmetic packaging