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Free USPS domestic shipping on orders over $100
Free USPS domestic shipping on orders over $100

Return Policy

Due to the fact that our products are for personal use, we do not accept returns. All sales are final. Many of our products are available in trial sizes. Coastal Classic Creations® is unable to accept returns while still warranting that our products are precise, defect free, and inspected for workmanship and quality prior to departure from our facility.

Even though our products are made from very simple ingredients, customers should read all product descriptions and ingredients carefully before ordering. It is the responsibility of the user to test every product for compatibility. User agrees to store and use products in accordance with recommendations outlined by Coastal Classic Creations® at our Ingredients page. Replacements are unavailable for mistakenly ordering the wrong product, disliking the color or scent of a product, shelf life issues, or products that have been altered in any way. There are no exceptions. We shall not be liable for defects in materials due to negligence, accident, abuse, improper care or storage, abnormal condition of temperature or moisture, or tampering or altering of the original product. There shall be no returns of any products or refunds for claims to product incompatibility, including, but not limited to, unexpected results.