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Sandcastle Body Butter

$30.00 USD

4.0 oz (114 grams)
Sandcastle Body Butter is formulated specifically for dry skin. This product is a highly-concentrated, unique body moisturizer, which contains USDA certified organic golden jojoba seed oil. Jojoba seed oil has absorption properties that are similar to the skin's own sebum and therefore this oil helps to balance and hydrate. To enhance the product's effectiveness, we add USDA certified organic palm fruit oil, USDA certified organic unrefined red palm oil, and USDA certified organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. This body butter is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and serves to restore suppleness to dry skin. Available in Unscented, Baby Powder, Coconut, Cucumber Melon, Lemon Verbena, Oatmeal-Milk-Honey, Orange and Clove, Pumpkin Pie, Sandalwood, and Warm Vanilla Sugar.
Organic Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba Seed) oil; Organic Elaeis guineensis (Palm Fruit) oil; Organic Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil; Euphorbia antisyphilitica and/or Pedilanthus pavonis (Candelilla) wax

Made without dairy, lactose, or sweeteners

Contains no hexane, soy, or canola, is non-hydrogenated, vegan, and kosher

For scented varieties: Phthalate-free premium grade Fragrance Oil
To Use
Massage into skin for a deep moisturizing experience.

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