Lip brush with retractable handle and soft bristles
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Retractable Lipstick Brush

$10.00 USD
Size (LWH): 3.5 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches

Discover our Retractable Lipstick Brush - a stylish, indispensable tool for precise and hygienic lip application. Its retractable feature ensures cleanliness and portability, making it a sensible choice for extending the life of your lipstick.


  • Engineered to follow the natural curve of the lips, ensuring precision and perfect form with every stroke
  • Works well with our lip tints and balms, lip cremes and Pure Classic Lipstick
  • Transcends traditional brush structures, providing a thoughtful addition that preserves brush integrity, eliminates wear and tear, and keeps your makeup bag clean

Key Features:

  • Features an elegant matte metal finish, adding a touch of sophistication while ensuring durability for long-lasting use
  • Nylon construction guarantees durability, maintaining the softness and form of the bristles for an optimal makeup application every time
To Use
To clean: Wash with a mild soap, rinse with warm water, and allow to air dry.