Apricot Matte Blush

$28.00 USD

.11 oz (3.1 grams)

Welcome to the eloquent simplicity of our Apricot Matte Blush, a warm blush that works to create a perfectly natural glow.


  • Health-consciously crafted to nourish your skin
  • A harmonious blend that accentuates your natural beauty
  • Mindfully designed to enhance your inner glow


  • Provides buildable, even coverage for all day wear
  • Light to medium pigmentation for a subtle, natural look


  • A serene mid-tone pink with a warming hint of peach
  • Versatile to suit a variety of skin tones


  • Delivers a Matte finish that mimics your skin’s natural texture
  • Encourages a soft, radiantly fresh complexion

Additional Features:

  • Formulated without harsh chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin
  • Committed always to cruelty-free practices and purity

Complementary Products:

  • Pair with our hydration-rich foundation for a clean look 
  • Use alongside our gentle face cleansers for a clean canvas


Talc; Octyl palmitate; Zinc stearate; May Contain: Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, Chromium Green

Note: Colorants meet and/or exceed all requirements of US 21 Code of Federal Regulations for purity.

The talc we use is cosmetic grade. Cosmetic-grade talc does not contain asbestos, which is confirmed by X-ray diffraction, and optical and electron microscopy. In addition, the producers of cosmetic-grade talc (including our producer) have established purity specifications to ensure that it does not contain residue levels of asbestos. Results of an FDA analytical survey of Talc used in cosmetics can be found at: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-releases-federal-interagency-working-group-scientific-opinions-testing-methods-asbestos-talc
To Use
Pat brush into the product and apply to areas of the face where contour, color, and highlight is desired.