Coastal Classic Creations is grateful to our loyal customers for their years of support of our ethical cosmetics. We welcome your opinion about our products and our company. Please feel free to add your opinions to this testimonial page by submitting your comments via our Contact Us form.

"I appreciate having access to such pure products with no worries that they are filled with chemicals. The personalized customer service and the care and attention that is given to each and every product makes CCC a really special company."-Sherry from North Carolina

"I accidentally broke two of my pans in my Coastal Classic Creations palette, and I reached out to customer service to see if they could help me. I received a response from customer service and I wanted to say thanks again for your outstanding customer service! I received my palette replacements and I am enjoying them. You guys are awesome!! Great company and great products!!-Sandi from Texas

"It is really easy to describe my experience with your company. I feel like I know you all. I get complete responses to my email and the customer service is beyond what I receive at any other company. I feel like I have a friend in your company. I have been shopping with you for about 5 years and the quality of your products is over the top and you never compromise on that. Most importantly, your ratings at EWG are fabulous. So many companies claim to be pure, but when you look at the ingredients, they are not. I wish all companies were as open about the ingredients as you are and I am a big advocate for labeling cosmetics like they label food. With CCC, I like the details of the ingredients page. I have spread the word throughout the years, and wish you all the best of success." Julia from Washington, D.C.

"A friend who loves your products told me about your company 14 years ago, and I have been using your products ever since! I began looking for safe cosmetics because my mother died of breast cancer, and I was worried about all the toxins in food, the environment, and the cosmetics I used. What impressed me the most was the scientific information on your site and the extent to which you go to be transparent and tell every minute detail to your customers about your ingredients. This is VERY important to me. Also, I trust your company and I feel confident with the products I am using. I also want to say that when I contact Customer Support, I feel like I am talking to someone who cares about me and about what I have been through." Joyce from Illinois

"There are three main reasons why I have been a loyal customer of Coastal Classic Creations: The most important thing for me is the fact that your products are chemical - free, paraben- free and based on pure organic certified ingredients. I feel safe using them. I discovered them for the first time in an index rating the healthiest cosmetic companies in the world (the Skin Deep Database). Next, the variety is satisfying, the products are easy to use, smell great, and are pleasant to the touch. Third, your customer service is always kind, quick, and effective. And last, all in all – I feel like I’m in good hands! and I believe in your agenda." Anat from Israel

"Just want to say I love your products - loyal customer for several years. Your customer service, packaging, product quality - just wonderful. Since switching to your products I enjoy high quality, safe makeup, and skincare at an affordable price. Thanks for providing good products which are safe to use." Barbara from New York

"Over the years, I have developed more and more sensitivities to many cosmetic products (make-up, shampoo, fragrance), sometimes resulting in some significant allergic reactions. I began looking for alternative products that contained ingredients that would not harm my health; I also became aware of Environmental Working Group (EWG) and their information about ingredients in cosmetics that were harmful (their "Skin Deep Cosmetics Database" is particularly helpful in this regard, and your products get such high marks there!). I am also adamant about using cruelty-free products, and again, this is a commitment that your company shares. Therefore, the fact that your company is very transparent about the ingredients of its products, that EWG gives you such high ratings, and that you are cruelty-free really has given me a great deal of confidence in your products. The quality of your products is very high as well: I've tried a number of them, but I have a few absolute favorites (your mascara, perfumes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and face powder). I've even gotten my Mom hooked on your perfumes! She has the same concerns about using cosmetic products as I have, so she's been trying more and more of your products as well. And your customer service is wonderful, too! To me, it's just a relief to be able to use good, quality products that work and that will not harm me, other creatures, or the environment -- and all of that is just what you company offers. There are other companies that make these claims, but perhaps for only some of their products, or only for some of their ingredients (which is why I appreciate your transparency). I look forward to continuing to use your products." Jennifer from Georgia

"I'm just writing because I feel this overwhelming urge to say thank you for having such a large line of really high quality natural products. It was through a bunch of research on EWG that I found you, and I'm so glad I did! I also want to say thank you for having a nice selection of trial size options for new customers to come and try out for the first time. It felt much less risky for me to give your company a try if I could just start by testing a few things out with a low investment to start. Honestly, it was because of your lowest EWG ratings across the board on all of your products and my ability to try out a few samples first that have made me interested in trying several of your other products as well. I'm certain I will be a lifelong customer because I've not gone wrong with anything that I've purchased so far. And I've purchased A LOT recently! LOL! By the way, I want you to know that I really appreciate the free samples that you give with your orders. I also love the very thoughtful little details in how every single item is packaged along with the personal thank you notes. All of these things make your company very special, and none of them go unnoticed. THANK YOU CCC!! You have a first rate operation, and I'm so glad you are here doing what you do!!!"Jacquie from California

"I found your products because I was searching for organic cosmetics with the least amount of chemical additives. The care for environment and animals you express is important to me. I love the products, which feel very clean on my skin. I appreciate the quiet and peaceful feel of your website with the lovely images, the ease of trying samples, the help with what colors to try, and the simplicity of repeating previous orders." Carol from Massachusetts

"I found Coastal Classic Creations on the Skin Deep Database of the Environmental Working Group ( I was looking for non-toxic, natural but still sophisticated skin care and cosmetics. CCC kept coming up at #1 on each list I looked at. I tried the nourishers first and absolutely love them. My favorite is Coastal Moon. I'm 55 and people think I'm in my 40s because it keeps my face so moisturized. I also use some of the foundation powders. They're light and wonderful. I wouldn't use something just because it is healthy. It also has to work. I've tried a lot of other companies and keep coming back to CCC. I try a lot of their products through the sample program which is awesome. Even if I end up not liking the look of something on me (blush color not perfect for my skin tone, for example), I always know that I'm trying the highest quality, organic product. The bottom line is that I trust this company to do the right thing. I don't trust any other company. Literally!" Maria from Massachusetts

"I have been a customer since 2007, even though I have to pay international shipping costs. Coastal Classic Creations is my favorite company. All the products feel so clean, and I instinctively felt that the products are really well made. I became allergic to normal cosmetics and did research and found Coastal Classic Creations almost ten years ago. Some of my all time favorites are: cream concealer, eyeliners, the pressed blushes, argan hair and skin oil (love the smell) and the lipsticks, and the different facial oils and the soaps. I have tried almost all the products. The serums used to be over 60 dollars and I used to buy them but now lot of the products are so affordable which is extremely helpful. Please keep up the good work and keep making clean non toxic products. I also love the bronzer AND the packaging." Eiko from Japan

"What I love the most about CCC is that they are honest and really humble. They don't try to pressure sell and the website is just full of great information that I need to take care of myself and my family. I like the way they focus on ingredients and explain all of them in their glossary. But I think the best thing is that they really care about people - and I like that their products are for women of color and are affordably priced. So many cosmetic companies price gouge - but not CCC." Anne from Michigan

"I have used your face products for acne prone skin since 2011! I had always had acne prone, sensitive skin. I had tried a multitude of products and finally turned to the EWG for healthier skin care options. I found CCC and have used the Epic Waves soap ever since. I use several products loyally, including the mascara, soap, seashell oatmeal exfoliant. I also recently received the shell blush as a sample and love it as well. I love the ingredients used, how my skin looks and feels, and the facial products keep my acne at bay. Thanks a million for all the wonderful products!" Jamie from Illinois

"I love your products and your website and your customer support. I discovered your company some years back from EWG. I am extremely sensitive to product ingredients and was looking for ‘clean’ products (am celiac with several other autoimmune issues). I trust your product base totally. I don’t even consider your competitors clean (they aren’t, although once they may have been). I exclusively use your shampoos, soap, deodorant, oils, and make up. I log on frequently just to see what you have added and make new purchases. I always replenish those I use and stock up so I don’t run out. For travel, I use your solid shampoo, which I also use for soap. When lipsticks wear out, I scrape them, mix together and heat them into a new color. Works perfectly. I truly appreciate the quality of your products and definitely plan to continue my routine shopping with you. My fear is that you might sell the company and a new company would not preserve your quality. The list of ingredients in commercial products, even those who claim they are ‘organic’, is frightening. Those who are organic are not always consistently usable. While I like what some organic companies represent, I cannot use their lines. I always appreciated the information on CCC and its ingredients. I also appreciate the awareness and support of color theory you provide on the website. I like the color descriptions provided for each makeup item. Your accuracy of description has enabled me to mix and match. I trust what you write because you have always been right. Bottom line — your products work for me consistently and I trust your company. This has been the case over the years. Yours is the only company about which I can say that. Seriously." Joan from California

"Coastal Classic Creations products are luxurious, yet I always know that they are safe to use. They feel light, smell fresh, and work well (the olive oil shampoo bar saved me from the local soft water stripping my hair of all oils). I use their cosmetics, shampoo and perfume exclusively and have enjoyed other products throughout the years. Their customer service is also personal and helpful, and the gifts make shopping fun." Sandra from Oregon

"The reason why I purchase CCC products is because of how safe they are for my skin, body and over all health. I love how they are made in the USA and contain no harmful chemicals. I have been using CCC for years now and love their make up line! Not only do they have amazing products that are EWG verified, but they have awesome customer service as well!" Angela from Colorado

"Customers like me are loyal because you have integrity and are not poisoning us. More and more people are interested in such products. If you were not there I would have to take classes to learn how to make my own products. I look at the beautiful products in the department stores and am shocked at the ingredients. Many people eat organic and then turn around and put unhealthy ingredients on their faces. I remember reading something an organic company wrote years ago when customers wanted them to offer cosmetics and they refused — saying women were beautiful without makeup and should be concerned with vibrant health instead. Eventually they produced a few things to please them. There are also other companies that produce a few items that are far less damaging than the designer brands and other products, but you beat them all. Plus your offerings are fun and inviting." Joan from California

"Thanks. I love the purity of your eye shadows and I originally found it on the EWG skin deep database . I am a creature of habit and keep ordering the same trusted eye shadow from you." Nora from New York

"There are a few reasons why I like Coastal Classic Creations makeup. Most importantly I feel safe and comfortable when I use it. I am not worried that I am putting some toxic make up on my face that is destroying my skin and seeping into my bloodstream possibly causing cancer or some other unforeseen medical problem.The base primer, concealers, and foundations are very light, meaning you don't look as though you have a mask on your face, but it makes the skin look conditioned and glowing. I am a person who takes really good care of my skin. I drink lots of water, herbal teas and I have a strict diet in which I eat only certified organic foods, so I am starting off with pretty good skin. I have never been a person who wore foundation, or blush or bronzer's, but I am getting older now, and my skin has aged somewhat, and I feel that I could use a little something on my skin to put back a little bit of that youthful look and glow, and Coastal Classic makeup does just that for me. It is perfect for a woman who is not a make up user, or even a heavy make up user, but wants to use some make up and has decided to stop putting toxic chemicals on her skin altogether, and who finally gets the importance of using clean make up products, and who is looking for a product that is qualified to be that replacement. Coastal Classic Makeup is that product. I have used other certified EWG make up products, but they don't compare to Coastal Classic in my opinion. Also, I am a brown skinned woman and I find that Coastal Classic importantly offers women with brown skin color wonderful makeup options in terms of eye shadows, lipsticks, concealers, foundations, and bronzers.I don't want to look made up but I want that look.That clean look. The look that says she doesn't wear make up, but the reality is she does wear make up. Coastal Classic Make up." Tauliba from New York

"Wow where do I begin. Thank you for getting my order out and delivered so quickly. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the products. I must first say that I have not been able to wear eye makeup for over 10 yrs. after having multiple eye surgeries leaving my eyes vulnerable to infections and thin, dark skin. I also have allergies to chemicals. I used the eye balm, capillary concealer and then the mascara. OMG AMAZING!! My eyes have not looked this good in years. I finished it off with the raspberry lipstick. It's the perfect color for me with my complexion, salt & pepper hair and soooo creamy. I love everything and am so happy I found you. Thank you for making one Bradenton, Fl woman very happy. I will definitely be back for more and tell my friends." Eileen from Florida