At Coastal Classic Creations, our mission is to create healthy cosmetics that celebrate the uniqueness of every individual, providing products that are not just paint by numbers but a reflection of each person's distinctiveness. We strive to serve everyone by embracing mindfulness and creating self-care experiences that are truly one-of-a-kind in the industry.

Coastal Classic Creations provides a wide range of research-based cosmetics and personal care products for consumers looking for high quality and complete ingredient transparency. Our company is guided by safety standards and scientific expertise, aiming to be the most respected cosmetic brand known for its integrity, innovation, and ingredients.

At Coastal Classic CreationsÂź, we cherish true beauty, understanding each person is unique. We know being conscious of body needs can bring confidence.

For two decades, we've used wholesome ingredients in our cosmetics, refusing to accept any less than excellence. We keep our business small to provide personalized products, declining store marketing to focus on individual needs. We innovate in ways other companies can't, and partner with like-minded businesses for purity & sustainability. Also, we create many anhydrous products to conserve resources.

Looking ahead, we strive to shift beauty care perceptions.

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