Lipstick & lip crayon set in one
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Classic Lip Duo

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Embrace the art of self-expression and unlock the potential of your makeup look with the Classic Lip Duo. This curated duo represents an opportunity to explore an array of captivating shades, resonating with your unique individuality and self-care values. At Coastal Classic Creations, we understand your desire for products that enrich your personal journey of wellness and mindfulness, and our Classic Lip Duo is crafted precisely with that intention.

Let your lips tell your story with our two most celebrated lip products—a hydrating lipstick and a velvety lip crayon. These carefully-selected pairings invite you to explore a diverse collection of creamy, saturated hues, ranging from serene neutrals to vibrant shades, offering something for everyone. Our Classic Lip Duo is not just a cosmetic offering; it's a gentle whisper of encouragement from a friend, urging you to celebrate your distinct identity as you create your own unique self-care experience.

The hallmark of our hydrating lipstick is the profound nourishment it provides for your lips, while also allowing your true self to shine through. Each mindful application of our handcrafted lipstick embraces your individuality, echoing our commitment towards healthy cosmetics and balanced self-care.

Our velvety lip crayon complements the hydrating lipstick by seamlessly blending with your desired shade, creating a rich and lasting finish. Together, the Classic Lip Duo harmonizes, painting the portrait of your personalized makeup look that is both mindful and health-conscious, immersing you in a cocoon of warmth and inclusivity.

This pairing, available for one economical price, is truly a declaration of our core belief that each person deserves a special, bespoke cosmetic experience. We're not about mass production; we value the unique essence of every individual who chooses our brand. As you glide our Classic Lip Duo onto your lips, let the warm embrace of our philosophy inspire you to celebrate your uniqueness.

Coastal Classic Creations cherishes the one-of-a-kind perspectives that our customers bring to our shared journey of self-care and wellness. The Classic Lip Duo serves as a beacon of that mindful beauty, guiding you towards the realm of customizable, inclusive, and health-conscious cosmetics. As you explore the diverse hues of the Classic Lip Duo, rejoice in the knowledge that you are engaging with a lifestyle that values your individuality and well-being above all else.

Please see each individual product listing for ingredients.
To Use
For Lip Crayons: With a sharpened tip, apply crayon to the rim of the lips. Fill in with lipstick.

For Lipsticks: Apply lip liner first, then glide on lipstick. Blot and re-apply for extra staying power.

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