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Free USPS domestic shipping on orders over $100

Our Story

Coastal Classic Creations is located a few miles south of San Francisco on the Pacific Coast. We create compassionate cosmetics for vegans, vegetarians, and for consumers who are interested in ethical products. To this end, we aspire to challenge the cosmetic industry to abandon consumer and animal exploitation and embrace benevolent practices.

It is our belief that effective, humane, and safe cosmetics are achieved using plant-based and mineral-based ingredients, which have greater suitability in terms of safety to humans. In light of the myriad of marketing claims regarding the purity of cosmetics, Coastal Classic Creations goes beyond assertions and relies on empirical evidence to support our position.

Since our beginning, customers have embraced our vision and have chosen Coastal Classic Creations confident that they made the right decision in order to feel good about the products they use.

We maintain partnerships with suppliers who share our cruelty-free philosophy and commitment to sustainable practices. We give back to the community and partner with nonprofit organizations whose work supports our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

To learn about our choice of ingredients, please visit our Ingredients Glossary page. For more information regarding our ongoing research into cosmetic ingredients, please visit our Education and Research page.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Please feel free to use our Contact Us form for any questions.