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Our Story

When it comes to creating effective products, Coastal Classic Creations has always been different. From our humble beginnings in 2003 as a soap company, we have stayed true to our core belief -- to never use any ingredient that is suspected of causing harm to health and the environment. We also know that the value of any cosmetic is its ability to deliver results. To this end, we believe how cosmetic companies create their products matters.

Here at Coastal Classic Creations, we value transparency. We advocate for the removal of harmful chemicals from consumer products, and we invite you to review our Ingredients Glossary, Education and Research, and Scientific Abstracts for further information regarding health and science, regulations, and chemicals of concern.

Lastly, we maintain partnerships with suppliers who share our cruelty-free philosophy and our commitment to sustainable practices. We give back to the community and partner with nonprofit organizations whose work supports our commitment to good health.

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