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About Us

Coastal Classic Creations® offers a diversity of research-focused cosmetics and personal care products to the consumer seeking quality and comprehensive ingredient transparency. Using safety standards and scientific scholarship as our guide, our vision is to be the cosmetic company most admired for its integrity, elegance, and simplicity.

Our company history dates back to 2001 when our team of dedicated professionals began an in-depth examination into risk factors that contribute to disease with a focus on environmental causes and synthetic chemicals found in consumer products. We started Coastal Classic Creations® as a way to share information on toxin-free living with others on a similar quest to live as toxin-free as possible. Our website was inspired by two events: our friends and family who had battled cancer and autoimmune deficiency disease, and secondly the many people we met at local festivals, farmers' markets, school fundraisers, and charity events we attended with our soap products, who shared with us not only their life stories, but also their desire to find toxin-free products.

Embracing the belief that safer, alternative cosmetics and personal care products could become a reality, Coastal Classic Creations® was created to spread the word that it is possible to have scientifically-supportable alternatives to toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products, that it is possible to be a company that holds itself to a high standard of integrity in ingredient divulgence, which refuses to make a profit by selling products which are unhealthy for the consumer. Now in our 16th year, we continue to maintain the long history of research and ingredient transparency upon which our company was built, and we invite you to visit our Ingredients Glossary page as well as our Education and Research page for detailed information.

We source our ingredients from suppliers who share our vision of pure products, our commitment to sustainability, our emphasis on physical and emotional health, and our cruelty-free philosophy. We believe in giving back to the community and have partnered with nonprofit organizations whose work supports our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

We pride ourselves on being a compassionate company and do our best to fulfill individual requests. Please feel free to contact us, and we will do our utmost to provide personal assistance.