Amethyst stretch cord bracelet on rock background
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Amethyst Motivation & Positive Transformation Bracelet

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Stretch cord and amethyst

Introducing the Amethyst Motivation & Positive Transformation Bracelet—an exquisite piece of mindfulness jewelry crafted with deep intention and a belief in the power of clear-mindedness and focus. Coastal Classic Creations understands the importance of embracing your unique journey and strives to create products that support your path to mindfulness and wellness.

This stunning bracelet features authentic 8mm amethyst gemstones—the epitome of beauty and elegance. The deep, rich, violet purple hues of the amethyst create a mesmerizing effect, capturing the attention of all who behold it. Each stone is carefully selected to ensure its authenticity and to reflect the true essence of this lilac variety of quartz.

The distinctive hue of amethyst gemstones can be attributed to the traces of iron found within the quartz. It is this special combination that gives amethyst its breathtaking and unmistakable shade. As you wear the Amethyst Motivation & Positive Transformation Bracelet, you are not only adorning your wrist with a beautiful piece of mindfulness jewelry but also inviting the transformative energy of amethyst into your life.

Metaphysically, amethyst is associated with inspiration, attentiveness, and the opening of the Crown Chakra, which is linked to the sense of universal consciousness. This powerful stone acts as a guide on your journey toward personal growth and positive transformation. The Amethyst Motivation & Positive Transformation Bracelet serves as a reminder of your own inner strength and the potential that lies within you.

Coastal Classic Creations is committed to offering you more than just a piece of mindfulness jewelry. We create products with intention, ensuring each bracelet is a unique and special creation. We believe that every individual deserves an experience that celebrates their uniqueness and supports their well-being. By wearing the Amethyst Motivation & Positive Transformation Bracelet, you are making a statement about your commitment to a mindful and health-conscious lifestyle.

Embrace the power of clear-mindedness and focus with the Amethyst Motivation & Positive Transformation Bracelet from Coastal Classic Creations. Let its beauty and metaphysical properties inspire you to embrace your inner strength, unlock your potential, and align with the universal consciousness that surrounds us. Choose our brand for a truly special and transformative self-care experience.

Due to the organic nature of the genuine stones in this bracelet, each piece will display variations in color and appearance. No two pieces are alike.

Mohs scale hardness: 7

Presented in a 4.3” by 4.7” silk brocade blend pouch with ornamental draw strings

Handcrafted by Coastal Classic Creations®


Take a piece of string and wrap it loosely around your wrist. Cut the string, and then measure the string against a ruler to determine its length. For a proper fit, add one-half inch to that measurement. For example, if your string measures 6.5”, you would order a size 7” bracelet.

To Use
When putting on your stretch bracelet, roll it over your hand to prevent excessive pulling. Keep the bracelet away from soap, perfume, hair and skin products, sunscreen, salt water, or other abrasive compounds.