Garnet & sardonyx friendship bracelet
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Garnet & Sardonyx Friendship Bracelet

$45.00 USD
Stretch cord, garnet, and sardonyx

Celebrate the essence of lasting stability, trust, and partnership with the captivating Garnet & Sardonyx Friendship Bracelet. This beautifully meaningful piece, carefully crafted with authentic 8mm garnet gemstones and flanked by 8mm black sardonyx, is a tribute to the power of connections and the beauty of self-care.

The wine red garnet gemstones, with their classic and timeless appeal, emanate a sense of elegance and charm. The black sardonyx in the piece of mindfulness jewelry adds a touch of intrigue, with its unique banded patterns within the stone. Together, these gemstones create a visual symphony that captures the eye and warms the heart.

Garnet, a diverse group of silicate minerals found in metamorphic and igneous rocks, holds great symbolism in its ability to strengthen relationships and foster deep emotional connections. Adorned with garnet, the Garnet & Sardonyx Friendship Bracelet serves as a powerful reminder of the value we place on our partnerships and the significance of trust.

Sardonyx, an agate with straight and parallel banding adorned with alternating layers of sard and onyx, adds metaphysical qualities of steadfastness and communication to this remarkable piece of mindfulness jewelry. Let the energy of sardonyx guide you towards unwavering commitment and effective communication, nurturing the bonds that matter most.

This striking piece of mindfulness jewelry holds its own as a statement piece, shining with the warmth and splendor of garnet and sardonyx. It is also a lovely addition to other wrist malas, allowing you to create a harmonious ensemble that reflects your unique style and personality.

Coastal Classic Creations is committed to creating products that celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. Whether you wear the Garnet & Sardonyx Friendship Bracelet to honor a special connection or as a talisman for steadfastness, know that each bracelet is crafted with love and intention, imbued with the transformative power of self-care and mindfulness.

Embrace the beauty and meaning that the Garnet & Sardonyx Friendship Bracelet brings into your life and let it serve as a reminder of the importance of lasting stability, trust, and partnership. Choose Coastal Classic Creations as your companion on your journey towards self-care, and celebrate the richness of connections that make life meaningful.

Due to the organic nature of the genuine stones in this bracelet, each piece will display variations in color and appearance. No two pieces are alike.

Mohs scale hardness: 6.5 (Sardonyx); 6.5-7.5 (Garnet)

Presented in a 4.3” by 4.7” silk brocade blend pouch with ornamental draw strings

Handcrafted by Coastal Classic Creations®


Take a piece of string and wrap it loosely around your wrist. Cut the string, and then measure the string against a ruler to determine its length. For a proper fit, add one-half inch to that measurement. For example, if your string measures 6.5”, you would order a size 7” bracelet.

To Use
When putting on your stretch bracelet, roll it over your hand to prevent excessive pulling. Keep the bracelet away from soap, perfume, hair and skin products, sunscreen, salt water, or other abrasive compounds.