Hawaiian Lei perfume-Hawaii perfume made with its sweetest flowers
Closeup of plumeria flowers in bloom
Closeup of frangipani flower
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Hawaiian Lei Perfume

$25.00 USD
.5 fl oz (14.78 ml)

What's better than a Hawaiian beach? A Hawaiian beach that smells like Hawaii perfume! The Hawaiian Islands are known for their incredible beauty. They're also home to some of the most amazing Hawaiian classic perfumes. There is no doubt that Hawaii Perfume is among the most cherished, and we've brought Hawaiian Lei Perfume directly to you. Combining the luscious scents of plumeria and frangipani with the warmth of spicy ginger bottom notes, this Royal Hawaiian perfume creates the experience of relaxing on a sunny, peaceful Hawaiian beach. Hawaii perfume made with frangipani, plumeria, and ginger creates a zen-like experience of tranquility and peace found in the islands. The first whiff of this perfume will transport you to a place where the only sound is the gentle lapping of the waves on the beach. The smell of plumeria flowers fills your nose and makes you feel like you're walking barefoot through sand that's warm from the sun. The gentle blend of this perfume brings in a touch of ginger, which is known for its ability to stimulate circulation and improve mental clarity. Now you're ready to take on whatever life throws at you!

Sweet and floral but not overbearing, this scent rivals many other Hawaiian perfume oil products because it combines its floral base notes with tropical undertones. And this perfume brings the sunshine to you, wherever and whenever you might need a little brightness. The scent of Hawaiian Lei Perfume is intoxicatingly beautiful and is affordable rivaling any competing Hawaii perfume price. You can even put a few drops into a spray bottle with your favorite carrier oil and create your own unique Hawaii body spray. If you're looking for an island-inspired scent, or just want to experience the relaxing feeling of a tropical paradise, look no further than Hawaii perfume! Hawaiian Lei Perfume comes packaged in a pretty organza bag for gifting options.

Phthalate-free, premium grade Hawaiian Lei Fragrance Oil
To Use
Apply to pulse points. Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.