Base primer for makeup preparation & a flawless finish
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Refreshing Mist Base Primer

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.49 oz (14 grams)


Designed to be the lightest of our base products, Refreshing Mist Base Primer powder provides light coverage that primes the skin and creates a silky-smooth canvas for makeup application. Made with the mildest and most gentle clay used in skincare, this base primer, worn alone or under a foundation, helps to prevent acne, manages dry skin, and absorbs excess oil or sebum for a flawless finish. Follow with Refreshing Mist Powder Foundation for best results.

To Use
Directions for application: Apply face cream, facial oil, and/or sunscreen. Then, apply evenly over the entire face. Follow with matte foundation for best results.

To open the product: Remove black cap. The product has a convenient sifter with a twist and lock feature. To help prevent contents from spilling or collecting in the cap, gently twist the ridge to open, dose out contents, then turn back to lock and close.

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