Refreshing Mist Base Primer

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.49 oz (14 grams)


At Coastal Classic Creations, we believe that your skincare routine should go beyond just cosmetics, nurturing and enhancing the natural beauty of your skin. Our Refreshing Mist Base Primer is not only EWG verified but also formulated to be the lightest in our base range, creating a perfect canvas for your makeup. This silky powder primer gently prepares your skin, leaving it with a smooth and radiant texture. Whether used alone or under foundation, its unique formulation with delicate clay ensures acne prevention, decreased dryness, and regulated oiliness, resulting in a flawless, natural look.

Our EWG verified Refreshing Mist Base Primer is designed to be a skin-loving step in your self-care routine. This lightweight powder primer gently covers your skin, providing a light layer of coverage that prepares and primes it for makeup application. Its silk-like texture creates a smooth surface that allows foundation to glide on effortlessly, extending the wear of your makeup. By incorporating the most moderate and delicate clay found in skincare items, this primer helps to prevent acne, decrease dryness, and regulate oiliness, enabling you to achieve a faultless look that celebrates the unique radiance of your skin.

To enhance the benefits of our Refreshing Mist Base Primer, we recommend completing your makeup look with our Refreshing Mist Powder Foundation. This product is part of our list of EWG verified cosmetics, carefully crafted to promote a mindful and health-conscious lifestyle. The combination of our primer and powder foundation ensures a flawless finish, with the foundation's lightweight formula providing buildable coverage and a natural, luminous glow. Together, they unleash your skin's true potential, allowing your unique beauty to shine through.

Unlock the secret to a flawless and radiant complexion with Coastal Classic Creations' EWG Verified Refreshing Mist Base Primer. Experience the lightest base primer in our range, as it prepares your skin for makeup application while leaving it with a silky texture. Embracing the natural beauty of your skin, this primer's delicate clay formulation helps to prevent acne, decrease dryness, and regulate oiliness, ensuring a faultless look that celebrates your individuality. For the perfect finishing touch, pair it with our Refreshing Mist Powder Foundation, and step into a world where healthy cosmetics and self-care go hand in hand.

To Use
Directions for application: Apply face cream, facial oil, and/or sunscreen. Then, apply evenly over the entire face. Follow with matte foundation for best results.

To open the product: Remove black cap. The product has a convenient sifter with a twist and lock feature. To help prevent contents from spilling or collecting in the cap, gently twist the ridge to open, dose out contents, then turn back to lock and close.

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