10 Steps To The Perfect Eyeshadow Look

Aug 16, 2023

Eye shadow representing how to apply eye shadow

What are the essential tools for a flawless eyeshadow application?

Before diving into the steps, it's important to have the right tools. Make sure you have a good quality eyeshadow palette with a variety of shades, a blending brush, a flat shader brush, and an angled brush for precise application.

Step 1: Prime your eyelids

Start by applying an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids. This will create a smooth canvas for the eyeshadow and help it last longer without creasing.

Step 2: Choose your base color

Select a neutral shade that matches your skin tone or a shade slightly lighter. Apply it all over your eyelids using a flat shader brush.

Step 3: Define your crease

Take a slightly darker shade and apply it to the crease of your eyelids using a blending brush. Use back and forth motions to blend the color seamlessly.

Step 4: Add depth with a darker shade

Using an angled brush, apply a darker shade to the outer corner of your eyelids. This will add depth and dimension to your eyeshadow look.

Step 5: Highlight the brow bone

Take a light, shimmery shade and apply it to your brow bone using a flat shader brush. This will give your eyes a lifted and more awake appearance.

Step 6: Line your eyes

Using a dark eyeshadow or an eyeliner, line your upper lash line for a more defined look. You can also line your lower lash line for added intensity.

Step 7: Blend, blend, blend

Take a clean blending brush and go over your eyeshadow to ensure a seamless transition between colors. Blending is the key to a professional-looking eyeshadow application.

Step 8: Curl your lashes and apply mascara

Before applying mascara, curl your lashes to open up your eyes. Then, apply a coat or two of mascara to enhance your lashes and complete the look.

Step 9: Clean up any fallout

During the eyeshadow application, there might be some fallout. Use a clean brush or a makeup wipe to gently remove any excess eyeshadow from your under-eye area.

Step 10: Finish with a setting spray

To ensure your eyeshadow look lasts all day, finish off with a spritz of setting spray. This will lock in your makeup and prevent smudging or fading.

By following these 10 steps, you'll be able to achieve the perfect eyeshadow look every time. Remember to practice and experiment with different shades to find the combination that suits you best. Happy eyeshadow application!

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