How Rosemary Oil Can Help Thinning Hair

by Jayne Heath on Oct 15, 2022

How Rosemary Oil Can Help Thinning Hair

Have you gotten tired of trying countless hair care products for thinning hair? And is it always the way that conditioners just weigh your hair down? If you have thinning hair, you probably also have to deal with trying to keep your hair from experiencing split ends and breakage. This blog will provide awareness of how shampoo bars and rosemary oil can offer a good solution that can help you manage unmanageable hair.  

Why Shampoo Bars Work For Dry, Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is often accompanied by dry hair. The result of dryness is a dry scalp, split ends, and breakage. You may also have dandruff. Exposure to harsh elements also contributes to dry hair. Furthermore, most shampoos dry out hair and turn it alkaline. Therefore, using shampoo bars particularly those with rosemary oil can help because solid soap contains fatty acids and moisturizers with a minimal amount of soap used. And there are countless thickening shampoos that contain high amounts of protein, however because hair is made of dead cells, protein cannot directly feed it, but it can temporarily glue down the outer layer. While they will protect hair, protein shampoos will make the hair look thicker, at least until the protein coat wears off.  

Why Shampoo Bars Work For Oily, Thinning Hair

It is true that having too much oil on your hair is a problem. A little oil makes it shiny because it soothes out the hair shaft, but too much oil makes thin hair look even thinner weighing it down and causing the hair to appear heavy. Shampoo bars offer a mild cleansing experience. They do not contain harsh ingredients, are low in protein and are generally made from olive oil. Shampoo bars are also the mildest form of shampoos and are pH balanced for the most sensitive scalp. These attributes help to keep oily hair light giving the appearance of fullness while restoring life to thinning hair. 

Essential Oils in Shampoo Bars

Many shampoo bars also contain essential oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus, jasmine, and peppermint, and these oils can help to add shine, extra body, and a healthy appearance to thinning hair.

Better Than Traditional Shampoo

Shampoo bars are also cost-effective. A little goes a very long way, and most shampoo bars can last through multiple uses. Thinning hair also requires meticulous and light cleansing and because shampoo bars are effective at both, they provide a good alternative to traditional shampoo.

Shampoo Bars As Conditioners

Shampoo bars are a two-in-one product because of their moisturizing ingredients giving way to minimizing the use of unnecessary conditioners. They also leave the hair looking healthy which avoids the use of styling products such as curling irons and hair straighteners which can cause further damage to thinning hair. 


The next time you're searching for yet another remedy for thinning hair, try a shampoo bar, and see how your hair can benefit from something as simple as a bar of soap.

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