Cnoidal Wave Perilla Seed Facial Oil

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1 fl oz (29.57 ml)

Discover the incredible power of our Cnoidal Wave Perilla Seed Facial Oil, a perfect solution carefully made for all skin types. At Coastal Classic Creations, we care about caring for yourself and catering to your skin's specific needs. This facial oil gives you a light yet nourishing treatment to refresh and revitalize your skin.

Our serum is rich in skin-protecting antioxidants that help soothe and hydrate irritated and inflamed skin, relieving common conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, and acne. We understand that skin issues can hurt one's self-confidence. We created this oil to address your needs and make you feel your best.

Our facial oil contains organic perilla seed oil, the star ingredient. This fantastic oil nourishes and regulates sebum production, promoting healthy, clear skin. We carefully selected ingredients that work well with your skin's natural processes to give you a wholesome skincare experience.

At Coastal Classic Creations, we aim to create healthy cosmetics and self-care experiences that celebrate the unique qualities of every individual. This facial oil is a testament to that promise. We made sure that it met our high standards of quality and efficiency.

Mass production doesn't align with our mission. We focus on making something special for each person who chooses our brand. Our Cnoidal Wave Perilla Seed Facial Oil perfectly exemplifies our philosophy. It's an invitation to start a journey of self-care and mindfulness and a reminder that you deserve a skincare routine that caters to your specific needs.

Experience the excellent benefits of our Cnoidal Wave Perilla Seed Facial Oil and unlock the secret to healthy, glowing skin. Embrace your unique qualities and give yourself the gift of wholesome self-care.

Perilla frutescens (Perilla Seed) oil
To Use
Cleanse skin and pat dry. Then, apply four drops to the face: one on the forehead, one on each cheek, and one on the chin, massaging in gently.

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