Sapphire Blue Agate Steadfastness Bracelet

$28.00 USD
Stretch cord and agate

Dive into a world of resplendent beauty with the Sapphire Blue Agate Steadfastness Bracelet, a trendy piece of jewelry showcasing the lustrous allure of sapphire blue agate in an eye-catching matte finish. The beaded bracelet, featuring 8 mm robustly-colored beads, is a delightful celebration of brilliant hues and serene stability.

The bracelet's core, sapphire blue agate, is exceptional, carefully dyed, or heat-treated to impart their vivid, saturated coloring. The resultant effect is a marvelous, natural look that resonates with the organic yet captivating beauty of a precious gem. Infusing a touch of excitement into any attire, the lively sapphire blue shade proves to be a beautiful, symbolic representation of the calmness of the sea and the sky's profound expanse.

Agate, a type of chalcedony and a quartz variant, is cherished for its stabilizing qualities. Varied and unusual in their appearance, each stone on the bracelet carries its own unique pattern and coloration. This element of distinction only serves to elevate the bracelet's allure further, making each piece as atypical as the individual wearing it.

Complementing the bracelet's striking blue hue and distinctive matte finish is an antique silver seahorse charm. This piece, a delicate emblem of strength and patience, dangles effortlessly from a slide bail embossed elegantly with the word 'Love.' Measuring .87" in length and .25" in width, this charm enhances the beauty of the Sapphire Blue Agate Steadfastness Bracelet, adding a pinch of whimsy and sprinkling an undeniable charm.

Beyond its individual aesthetics, the bracelet holds its own when combined with other jewelry pieces. Whether donning it independently or stacking it with an assortment of other bracelets or wrist malas, it fits seamlessly into both the casual and formal spectrum, infusing a richness of color and depth into any style.

In essence, the Sapphire Blue Agate Steadfastness Bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a fusion of nature's magnificence and subtle charm that whispers stories of harmony and serenity. Uncover the wonder of this splendid piece as it exhibits not just elegance but also embodies stabilization, revealing a fascinating blend of beauty and power. With this alluring accessory on your wrist, you're bound to make a resounding statement of fashion and tranquility in a refreshing, vibrant burst of color.

Due to the organic nature of the genuine stones in this bracelet, each piece will display variations in color and appearance. No two pieces are alike.

Mohs scale hardness: 6.5-7

Presented in a 4.3” by 4.7” silk brocade blend pouch with ornamental draw strings

Handcrafted by Coastal Classic Creations®


Take a piece of string and wrap it loosely around your wrist. Cut the string, and then measure the string against a ruler to determine its length. For a proper fit, add one-half inch to that measurement. For example, if your string measures 6.5”, you would order a size 7” bracelet.

To Use
When putting on your stretch bracelet, roll it over your hand to prevent excessive pulling. Keep the bracelet away from soap, perfume, hair and skin products, sunscreen, salt water, or other abrasive compounds.