Liner Brow Brush with bamboo handle for precise brow definition
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Liner Brow Brush

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Size (LWH): 6.25 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches

Enhance your eyebrows' appearance and achieve strikingly sharp lines with our 100% cruelty-free Liner Brow Brush. This eyebrow brush brings together sustainability, luxury, and precision, offering an indispensable tool for your makeup routine. With its meticulously designed shape and the use of sustainable materials like bamboo and synthetic Taklon hairs, this brush stands as a testament to our commitment to maintaining top-quality while adhering to ethical standards.

The Liner Brow Brush is crafted purposefully using sustainably harvested bamboo for its handle. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource, lends a lightweight, smooth, and durable quality to the brush, ensuring comfortable usage over extended durations. Complementing the bamboo handle are the luxurious synthetic Taklon hairs that make up the bristles. Soft yet durable, these high-quality bristles promise gentle application for smooth and precise strokes.

Our Liner Brow Brush's true appeal comes to light with the keen details in its design. The finely pointed tip assists in creating distinct lines and shapes, be it along the lash line or to define the brows. This intricate shredding gives you the control to craft perfect brush strokes for a natural, well-groomed, and defined look.

Moreover, the cleverly angled head offers a dual-sided functionality—an innovative characteristic that enhances your makeup application process. With the flat side, you can seamlessly apply shadow or creamy products, while the pointed end empowers you to draw with pencil eyeliner with surgical precision.

This elegantly crafted tool is perfect for use with a range of products, including gel liner and shadow for pristinely lined eyes. It’s not just an eyebrow brush; it's a multi-purpose tool that expertly lines eyes and enhances eye makeup's overall look with surgical precision.

In conclusion, the Liner Brow Brush is a testimony to our innovative thinking and ethical commitments. Made of sustainable bamboo and luxurious synthetic Taklon hairs, this cruelty-free tool is an excellent addition to your beauty kit. Integrating the flat side and pointed tip's dual functionality, this brush carves eyebrows and lines eyes with sheer perfection. Craft your unique brow and eye makeup look with this versatile tool—a trusted companion for your beauty routine.

To Use
To clean: Wash with a mild soap, rinse with warm water, and allow to air dry.

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