Pearl Eyeshadow

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.07 oz (2 grams)

Step into a world of multifaceted beauty with the Pearl Eyeshadow, an enchanting, multi-tasking gem that redefines the art of versatility. This extraordinary eye product, lending a silky, pearl-gray hue, presents infinite possibilities to create eye-catching looks that glow with an irresistible radiance.

Right off the bat, the Pearl Eyeshadow captivates with its shimmering pearl-gray hue. This lush shade bridges the gap between elegance and boldness, equally suited to achieving subtle daytime glamor as it is to crafting sultry, nighttime allure. The tone, rich yet restrained, allows you to tell a distinct color story with your eyes, creating a visually stunning feast of shadows and light.

An exceptional feature of the Pearl Eyeshadow is its buildable coverage. This makeup marvel can be layered for saturation, capturing a range of finishes from natural to radiant. One light sweep across the lids imparts a soft, sheer look, ideal for a daytime glamor, while layered application intensifies the gray, producing a radiant finish perfect for a striking, smokey eye.

But the Pearl Eyeshadow doesn’t stop at simply illuminating lids. When applied wet, it transforms into a brilliantly brightening liquid liner. With just a touch of moisture, the pearl-gray shade morphs into a high-definition outline, accentuating eyes with an eye-catching luminosity. In contrast, a dry application brings out a softer, more sheer look, presenting a versatile spectrum of possibilities.

The natural qualities of Pearl Eyeshadow's color make it the perfect fit for a warm highlight. Its pearly radiance transcends the boundaries of the typical eyeshadow, opening the door to new and exciting makeup methods. This unique product invites you to explore and experiment, expanding your cosmetic toolkit with an array of stunning looks.

In conclusion, the Pearl Eyeshadow incorporates remarkable versatility into one perfect formula. Its silky, pearl-gray hue, buildable coverage, and adaptable applications make it a standout product perfect for pulling off both a soft, daytime look and an intense, evening look. This multi-tasking eyeshadow elevates the phrase 'beauty tool' to a whole new level, combining practicality with elegance to give you a truly unforgettable eye makeup experience.

Kaolinite; Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499)

Note: Colorants meet and/or exceed all requirements of US 21 Code of Federal Regulations for purity.
To Use
Use wet or dry with an eyeshadow brush or wet a detailed liner brush before dipping into the product and line the eyes as desired. Do not mix water directly into the product.

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