Beacon Eyeshadow

$20.00 USD

.07 oz (2 grams)

Illuminate your eyes with Beacon Eyeshadow, a light yellow shade that is an all-in-one eyeshadow and liner product. Beacon Eyeshadow enhances your eyes with a subtle glow or a vivid burst of color.


  • Beacon Eyeshadow exhibits a light yellow hue.


  • Modulate your look with adjustable coverage:
  • Apply dry for a refined, muted glow.
  • Use wet for a more pronounced, vibrant effect.


  • Incorporated with filtered, high purity cosmetic pigments for distinct and long-lasting color payoff.
  • The formulation ensures smooth application, delivering comfort alongside radiant pigmentation.


  • Enjoy a flexible finish, ranging from a light, gentle application to a more impactful matte tone.

Additional Features

  • Beacon Eyeshadow provides multipurpose usage; use it as an everyday eyeshadow, a dynamic eyeliner, or liquid eyeliner.

Complementary Features

Accentuate Beacon Eyeshadow with these complementary enhancements:

  • Coastal Classic Creations Eye Crayons for deepening the glow or creating a smoky finish.
  • Whispering Seas Super Lash Mascara and Lash Drama Voluminizing Mascara to add striking volume to your lashes.
  • Aquatic Dreams Liquid Eyeliner for a well-defined line, contrasting the eyeshadow's softness.
Kaolinite; Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77492)

Note: Colorants meet and/or exceed all requirements of US 21 Code of Federal Regulations for purity.
To Use
Use wet or dry with an eyeshadow brush or wet a detailed liner brush before dipping into the product and line the eyes as desired. Do not mix water directly into the product.

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