Beacon Eyeshadow

$20.00 USD

.07 oz (2 grams)

Get ready to ignite your creativity and make your eyes the sparkling beacon of attention with Coastal Classic Creations' Beacon Eyeshadow. Our matte formula offers bright, vibrant color that will elevate your eye makeup game to new heights.

Whether you prefer a subtle, everyday look or want to make a bold statement, Beacon Eyeshadow has got you covered. When applied dry, it provides a soft and subtle definition, perfect for any occasion. But if you dare to go bolder, simply wet your eyeshadow brush and transform it into an intense yellow liquid eyeliner. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is the only limit.

At Coastal Classic Creations, we understand the importance of embracing your individuality and expressing yourself through makeup. Our Beacon Eyeshadow is designed to be versatile, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. We believe that makeup should be a tool for self-expression, empowering you to create a three-dimensional, head-turning look that reflects your unique style.

But we don't just stop at offering vibrant color and versatility; we also prioritize your health and wellness. Our commitment to creating healthy cosmetics means that all our products, including Beacon Eyeshadow, are formulated with your well-being in mind. We prioritize natural and organic ingredients that nourish and protect your delicate skin, ensuring that you can enjoy your makeup without compromising on your health.

So, whether you're getting ready for a special event, a casual day out, or simply want to experiment and have fun with your eye makeup, Beacon Eyeshadow is a must-have in your collection. Elevate your lids to new dimensions with its bright, vibrant color and enjoy the confidence that comes from embracing your individuality.

Experience the Coastal Classic Creations difference and let your imagination run wild. Order your Beacon Eyeshadow today and embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity that celebrates the unique individual that you are. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with your eye makeup like never before.

Kaolinite; Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77492)

Note: Colorants meet and/or exceed all requirements of US 21 Code of Federal Regulations for purity.
To Use
Use wet or dry with an eyeshadow brush or wet a detailed liner brush before dipping into the product and line the eyes as desired. Do not mix water directly into the product.

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