Glass bottle of blended oils for regenerating the skin
Perilla seed oil being poured into bowl next to bowl of perilla seeds representing product ingredient
Basket of red mandarins representing product ingredient
Glass bottle of helichrysum oil surrounded by helichrysum flowers representing product ingredient
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Coastal Rain Red Mandarin Facial Oil

$34.00 USD

1 fl oz (29.57 ml)
Reinvigorate the skin with the strength of natural botanicals. Coastal Rain Red Mandarin Facial Oil fortifies and restores a refined, smooth texture while deeply moisturizing. The powers of red mandarin, certified organic helichrysum italicum, and perilla seed oil give this product its high-powered formulation to fight against free radical damage and bacteria that can lead to rosacea and dermatitis. Use with Hemp Facial Bar in Red Mandarin for best results.
Perilla frutescens (Perilla Seed) oil; Citrus reticulata (Red Mandarin) oil; Organic Helichrysum italicum (Helichrysum) oil
To Use
Cleanse skin and pat dry. Then, apply four drops to the face: one on the forehead, one on each cheek, and one on the chin, massaging in gently.

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