Refreshing Mist Light to Medium Concealer

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Choose from .14 oz (4 grams) or .35 oz (10 grams)

Introducing the Refreshing Mist Light to Medium Concealer, an all-encompassing beauty solution tailored to address the unique needs of medium skin with cool, neutral, or warm undertones. This concealer is a thoughtful melding of crease-resistant, lightweight composition designed to deliver all-day wear comfort while effortlessly addressing skin concerns.

At the center of this concealer's appeal is its ability to tackle a wide range of undertones, ensuring a smooth and harmonious blend on medium skin. By skillfully adapting to the nuances of individual complexions, the Refreshing Mist Light to Medium Concealer elevates the realm of concealers to new heights, offering a genuine and organic enhancement of your natural beauty.

As a crease-resistant formula, this concealer ensures lasting wear, hiding wrinkles and fine lines without settling into them. By evenly spreading on the skin and maintaining its integrity, it presents a flawless finish that successfully disguises signs of aging or fatigue, restoring and preserving your skin's youthful aura.

Sensitive skin types often face the challenge of finding makeup that is both effective and gentle enough not to cause irritation. This concealer rises to the occasion, boasting a unique formula that is specifically designed to nurture and respect the delicate balance of sensitive skin. This means that it can effectively cover various skin concerns, such as blemishes or redness, without triggering unwanted irritation.

The lightweight nature of this concealer is another remarkable feature that cannot go unnoticed. By seamlessly integrating with your skin without suffocating it, the concealer ensures that your complexion retains its natural charm and glow. Moreover, the lightweight texture guarantees comfortable wear, letting you indulge in all-day coverage without obstructing the skin's ability to breathe.

Notably, the Refreshing Mist Light to Medium Concealer does not only conceal skin concerns but also actively contributes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This dual approach of correction and improvement empowers you to step forward confidently, knowing that your skin is being treated with care and respect.

In summary, the Refreshing Mist Light to Medium Concealer offers a comprehensive solution, adaptable to various undertones and designed to cater to sensitive skin. By combining crease-resistant, lightweight composition with all-day wear comfort and problem-targeting capabilities, this concealer ascends into the classification of beauty products that are both transformative and healing.

Fuller's Earth Clay; Kaolinite; Brown Iron Oxide (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499)

Note: Colorants meet and/or exceed all requirements of US 21 Code of Federal Regulations for purity.
To Use

To use: Apply the product with a concealer brush blending in well and evenly where areas of coverage are needed.

To open the product: Remove the mylar seal that is placed over the perforated holes in the clear plastic sifter lid of the product. Using a tweezers, if needed, slip the edge of the tweezers under the tape and pull the seal away exposing the holes.


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