Eco Cosmetic Sharpener
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Single Hole Eco Cosmetic Sharpener

$8.00 USD

Size (LWH): .55 x .98 x .39 inches (14mm x 25mm x 10mm)
Achieve precision results with this Eco Cosmetic Sharpener perfect for our 8 mm pencils and crayons. Made with the hardest high-carbon steel, the blade is protected against rust and keeps it in a favorable position during the sharpening process. Its screw-mounted blade does not loosen with use over time, and the pencil turns quickly due to friction-reducing German technology. The pencil will not wobble while turning, and under constant tension, the blade adjusts dynamically to different forces bearing on it while being sharpened. This feature is due to the sharpener's slightly-positively curved shape. Most straight blades bend under sharpening forces allowing for a less-than-satisfying cut. Most importantly, the steel blade will give the pencil a rounded tip, which allows for the effective shaping of all types of cosmetic products, including the most delicate creamy formulas used in the best makeup pencils today. The sharpener comes with a cleaning stick and is made of biodegradable materials that will not harm the environment.
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