Tahitian Sunrise Perfume, a fruity, floral, and slightly spicy fragrance
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Tahitian Sunrise Tahitian Vanilla Perfume
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Tahitian Sunrise Tahitian Vanilla Perfume

$25.00 USD
.5 fl oz (14.78 ml)
Tahitian Sunrise Tahitian Vanilla Perfume is an invigorating blend of white flowers, lily and peach. Its top notes of silkiness and fruit are complemented by floral undertones, producing an intricate olfactory experience. Its mix of fruity, flowery, and subtly spicy elements makes this perfume suitable for any season.
Phthalate-free, premium-grade Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Oil
To Use
Apply to pulse points. Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.