Tibetan Dzi Agate Mindfulness Bracelet

$20.00 USD
Stretch cord and Tibetan (Dzi) agate

Introducing the exquisite Tibetan Dzi Agate Mindfulness Bracelet, a stunning piece of jewelry that combines ancient tradition with modern mindfulness. This bracelet features 8mm Tibetan Dzi black and white patterned agate gemstones, designed to resemble the revered Dzi stones that were created between 2000 and 1000 BC.

In Tibetan culture, Dzi stones are highly regarded as powerful amulets and protective talismans. As such, wearing this bracelet symbolizes spiritual connection and a sense of security. The patterns, textures, and colors of the Tibetan Dzi agate gemstones are diverse and unusual, adding a unique and vibrant touch to the bracelet.

To enhance the beauty of the bracelet and pay homage to Tibetan craftsmanship, it is adorned with antique silver Tibetan spacer beads. These beads perfectly complement the Dzi agate gemstones, creating a harmonious and eye-catching design. Additionally, an antique silver 8mm Om bead is added to the bracelet as a daily reminder of mindfulness. The Om symbol represents the essence of the universe and serves as a powerful reminder to stay present in the moment and cultivate inner peace.

Whether worn on its own or paired with other bracelets and wrist malas, the Tibetan Dzi Agate Mindfulness Bracelet is a truly captivating accessory. Its unique combination of ancient symbolism and contemporary design makes it a versatile piece that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Adorn your wrist with this bracelet and let its elegance and spiritual significance uplift your style and mindset.

Embrace the rich heritage and symbolism of Tibetan culture with the Tibetan Dzi Agate Mindfulness Bracelet. Let its transformative energy and exquisite craftsmanship inspire mindfulness in your daily life. Whether purchased for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this bracelet is a testament to the power of inner peace and the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.

Due to the organic nature of the genuine stones in this bracelet, each piece will display variations in color and appearance. No two pieces are alike.

Mohs scale hardness: 6.5-7

Presented in a 4.3” by 4.7” silk brocade blend pouch with ornamental draw strings

Handcrafted by Coastal Classic Creations®


Take a piece of string and wrap it loosely around your wrist. Cut the string, and then measure the string against a ruler to determine its length. For a proper fit, add one-half inch to that measurement. For example, if your string measures 6.5”, you would order a size 7” bracelet.

To Use
When putting on your stretch bracelet, roll it over your hand to prevent excessive pulling. Keep the bracelet away from soap, perfume, hair and skin products, sunscreen, salt water, or other abrasive compounds.