Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon

$20.00 USD

.04 oz (1 gram)

Journey along the verdant pathways of self-expression with our Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon—a mindful touch of warm red hue that honors your individuality. This enchanting lip crayon isn't merely an accessory; it's a companion as you traverse the roadmap of your unique lifestyle, embracing self-care and wellness with every step.

Capturing the essence of a myriad of complexions, our Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon finds balance in its subtle yet striking brown base, evoking a crisp, complete look. This warm red hue invites you to explore your own shades of beauty, celebrating the delightful diversity that flourishes within each of us. Welcome to a world where your story is the guiding light, a beacon illuminating your inner strength and defining your aesthetic language.

The botanically-derived formula of our Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon is a love letter to Mother Earth, each ingredient a nourishing gift from her endless bounty. Its fusion of pure coconut and sunflower seed oils ensures that your lips are pampered and conditioned while confidently avoiding smudging and feathering. Your lips, a canvas for your individual beauty, are cared for and protected with every glide of this lip crayon.

To maintain the precision of your lip crayon and amplify your lip definition, we recommend using our Eco Cosmetic Sharpener. This environmentally-conscious sharpener reflects our commitment to sustainable choices, acknowledging the balance between your beauty and the well-being of our precious planet.

When you choose our Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon, you're not just selecting a cosmetic, but embracing a lifestyle rooted in mindful, health-conscious decisions. We at Coastal Classic Creations are dedicated to providing unique self-care experiences while honoring the undeniable beauty of every individual. Our Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon is one such offering, designed to be your companion on your journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Explore the boundless potential of your individuality, and allow the warm hues of our Canyon Flowers Lip Crayon to be your guiding light. Step into a world where each person is extraordinary, and your lips are the voice that sings the ballad of your unique story.

Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil; Helianthus annuus (Sunflower Seed) oil; Copernicia cerifera (Carnauba) wax; Rhus succedanea (Japanese Fruit) wax; Tocopheryl acetate*; Red Iron Oxide (CI 77491), Yellow Iron Oxide (CI 77492), Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499)

*Vitamin E derived from non-GMO soy

Note: Colorants meet and/or exceed all requirements of US 21 Code of Federal Regulations for purity.
To Use
With a sharpened tip, apply crayon the rim of the lips. Fill in with lipstick, chapstick, or lip balm.

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